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I'm Lahiru Kavinda. Still I don't know who I am. But, I believe everyone is born to serve a special purpose. Currently I'm an undergraduate in B.Sc Agriculture B.Eng Software, graduateship in IT and an associate degree in Network Engineering (CCNA). I'm a professional content writer specialised in blog writing and I own the content and web creation company soora solutions. I'm a developer and an inventor recognised by the government of Sri Lanka. I'm also working with industrial automation, machine learning, influence marketing and business education. (Read my business blog from here)

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What I invented
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International Awards

  • Best international Inventor – 2017 – Kaohsiung International invention competition (KIDE)
  • International Gold medal for Biology – 2017 – Soora Nomenclature – KIDE
  • International Gold medal for Structural engineering – Black gold brick – KIDE
  • International Silver medal for environmental engineering – Landslide avoiding live fence method – KIDE 2017
  • International Silver medal for Medicine – Portable Breathalyzer – KIDE 2017
  • International Bronze medal for medicine – Health early warning kit – KIDE 2017
  • Honor of Inventing award – World invention intellectual property association.




Presidential Awards

Environment pioneer presidents award and Great service award awarded for scoring 98% in the presidents award examination.



National Awards

My inventions has been recognised with more than 25 National awards during 2017-2019 time period.

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